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When bumper to bumper becomes a literal bumper to bumper, Dent World are there to help! Bumper dent repair is one of the services we specialize in, and we provide a convenient mobile service that covers all the Gold Coast.

Being at the very front and at the very rear of a vehicle, the bumper is usually first to take a blow. It can happen easily, parking, stopping, it might only be aesthetic damage, but it can be frustrating and/or embarrassing. The bumper on your car is fixed to the body, it can affect the structure if left. It may also be loose, and even fall off unexpectedly. When it comes to getting your bumper dent repaired, the sooner the better.

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Get your bumper dent repair done fast!

No need to take your car to several panel shops to get the best quote, then leave your car for days and then have to make alternative transport arrangements!That sounds like a lot of effort and inconvenience for sake of a simple bumper repair. Why not speak to Dent World instead.

Dent World specializes in PDR (Paintless Dent Removal). We’re highly experienced because it’s all we do. We can work with virtually any make or model vehicle that was manufactured after 1990.

Whether you’re about to sell your car, have just bought a second-hand car, or you’re just trying to keep your car in good repair, we can help you. We have been practicing dent repair specialists since 1998, and we operate our own industry renowned training school for PDR (Paintless Dent Repairs), right here on the Gold Coast.

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Why go anywhere when you can get an expert to come to you!

Don’t let your bumper be a permanent reminder of your misjudgment or of someone else’s carelessness. We’ll put it straight, fast, and at an affordable price. What’s more, you don’t have to travel anywhere, because we come to you. If you live or work on the Gold Coast, just give us a call or request a free Dent Removal Quote.

  • 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • 8:00 am and 10:00 am Saturday

PDR Training

Everything you need to know about our paintless dent removal training

Our one-on one professional paintless dent removal training at our Gold Coast training facility is a great way to learn a new skill that is in demand and can be utilised virtually anywhere there are car dents to repair.

Unlike traditional apprenticeships that require years of training, paintless dent removal training can be effectively taught within a few short weeks. It’s a profession that can be offered as a ‘mobile’ service, which means low overheads for you and convenience and no location barriers for your clients.

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