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You know the feeling, you’re at a busy car park at a shopping center and you come back to find a shopping trolley has wandered into your car door! Or you open your door a little too close to another vehicle or a concrete pillar and wham! A door ding.

If you’ve got a door ding, you need us, the experts in door ding repairs! Don’t worry, we make it easy and friendly in your wallet. You won’t even have to be without transport.

We can do this effectively, because of the method we use. Paintless Dent Removal, or as it’s commonly known, PDR. As the name suggests, it’s paintless, which means we repair the dent without a respray or applying any paint. This method is a cost-effective and fast way to repair dents that have not damaged the paintwork.

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Benefits of PDR

The biggest reason, of course, is the paintless factor. No painting required – that means no color matching and no mess. Paintless dent removal (PDR) is fast and economical in comparison with the traditional method of taking your car into a panel beater garage – and you don’t need to leave your car for days!

The technique of PDR involves using special tools to manipulate the dent are from behind the panel, keeping the paintwork 100% intact.

PDR is a highly skilled technique that requires specialized training and tools. Most traditional panel beaters remove dents by the method of cutting or replacing panels, grinding back paintwork, and repainting the damaged area.

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Get an online Dent Removal Quote or call us for a door ding repair quote on the Gold Coast. We’re fast, and we come to you! Providing there is no damage to the paintwork, we’ll use the PDR technique to gently remove one or more dents from your car’s door.

Dent World operate between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday to Friday and 8:00 am to 10:00 am on a Saturday. We’re mobile too, which means we will come to your place of business, or your home.

PDR Training

Everything you need to know about our paintless dent removal training

Our one-on one professional paintless dent removal training at our Gold Coast training facility is a great way to learn a new skill that is in demand and can be utilised virtually anywhere there are car dents to repair.

Unlike traditional apprenticeships that require years of training, paintless dent removal training can be effectively taught within a few short weeks. It’s a profession that can be offered as a ‘mobile’ service, which means low overheads for you and convenience and no location barriers for your clients.

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